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We champion and cheerlead women in leadership.

What is The GW?

We champion and cheerlead women in leadership through our education platform, creating empowering experiences and with our growing community of women in business.

verb support or defend the cause of
noun advocate or proponent of

noun enthusiastically and vocally support of something

There is a leader in all of us and we want you to lead by example. That's how we improve the world we live in.

The world is looking to you to solve the fundamental issues we face today.

Let us help you.


Our online platform provides a year-long, evergreen library of lectures on leadership and how to succeed especially for women in business. Through our research, we've found specific areas where most women are able to improve their skills and we provide learning experiences centred around self, mind, leadership and business.


At the heart of what we do is what you need the most, our thriving community of women in leadership. Together, we support, empower and lead each other to greatness. The women in The GW can see your true potential.


Our events are one of a kind where we rewrite the rules of communities and networking. We have an individual concierge service to provide each member with connections to other women in leadership who can mentor and support them in their mission even before we meet in real life.


We focus on the four areas required to be a successful and influential modern day leader centered around being you.

Unforgettable events

Our events encompass everything a woman in leadership needs to shine. Talks, workshops, speaking opportunities, meeting new friends and growing your network.

Each experience is carefully curated so you can expect only the best.

Gorgeous venues

Our experiences are created with you in mind.

Downtime is non-negotiable when you're a member so we spend our time together in beautiful surroundings at spa hotels.

From private dining to spa days, we're on a mission to cultivate your abundance mindset with our events.

Life-long friendships

Rewriting the rules of networking with our growing community of women who are 100% themselves.

No pitching, no business cards, no weird introductions.

Real women, real stories, real life. And a few gins at lunchtime.

Meet your new confidants

Christina is the powerhouse behind the Equine Business Association and a regular at The GW Secret Social Club where she regularly shares her expertise on building, growing and scaling communities.

Christina Jones

Speaker & Community Builder Extraordinaire, Equine Business Association

Karen presented an incredible workshop and shared her story at our last event. It gave her the confidence to speak at more events and apply for her local TedX.

Karen Quinn

Modern Day Alchemist, Karen Quinn Fragrances

Claire went from local gym owner to National Fitness Award winner after attending The GW Secret Social Club in August.

Claire Moore

Founder, Believe & Achieve UK

Your Future Leaders, Powered by The GW.

We are here to change culture.



While we're cultivating the next generation of business leaders, we also work with leaders of the future in established businesses.

Our bespoke programs are tailor-made for all sizes and complexities of companies and government organisations.

There is a an awakening to be a more conscious leader, let us help you inspire, support and teach the next generation.


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