We champion and cheerlead female leaders.

You've just found the club you've been searching for. Welcome home. Meet your new confidants.

We're here to be bold, daring and courageous.

This is the Club for Female Business Founders, Leaders & Remarkable Women like no other.

Think of it as your indispensable community of driven women for a fraction of the price of an old school Gentleman’s Club.

It’s a club for women like you who want to make bolder decisions and have a bigger impact in the world.

It’s a club where we champion and cheerlead women to become who they’re meant to me.

It’s a club where money, connections and influence aren’t dirty words because with more money, connections and influence we can go on to do greater things.

It’s a club where support and accountability is baked in and come as standard.

It’s a club where we take our mission seriously but don’t take ourselves too seriously.


If you’ve started a revolution, you’ve made your first pound (yes, we’re British) and you want more, then this is the club for you.

You don’t need another networking group, you need a focused and handpicked community of women who see your potential.

The GW Club is limited to only a highly curated number of women.

Because we focus on quality of connection rather than quantity.

We champion and cheerlead the future you.

We see you.

Many of the women in The GW have gone through what you’re going through right now in your life and your business and they’ve come out the other side. By being a member of The GW, you’re signing up for those women to champion and cheerlead you to your future self.

Potential is a dangerous word, we see it in others more than we see it in ourselves. We actively encourage and invite you to surrender to the vision these women have for you.

They will see your potential not only where you are right now. They’ll urge you on to become who you truly want to be.

How we do what we do.

If you want the Netflix of business, this isn’t for you.

This is an experience-driven community, lead by Carolynne Alexander, where we share what we know.

We know you don’t need another three hour course or a fluffy workshop taught by a guru, you need more mentors who are living authentically and doing it for real.

We’re talking about action taking, skills and experience-based lectures, not learning more and hoarding knowledge to one day find the time to do something with it.

We know don’t need more courses and to learn more, you need answers FAST and ah-ha moments which change the direction of your business and your life in minutes to get more clients, more sales and more money.

You can join us at any time of the year as we offer a 12-month rolling curriculum of lectures which are designed as incremental upgrades for you to level up your skills and courage.

You start where you are with the lecture of the month with the opportunity to take part in the accountability and support from your fellow members.


Dive into our archive of lectures to level up your skillset at any time.

In just one month (or at one of our events), you can go from a quiet local gym to winning National Awards or grow the confidence to get up on stage for a TedTalk.

Claire went from local gym owner to National Fitness Award winner after attending The GW Secret Social Club in August with the help of our resident PR Expert Gemma Ray.

Claire Moore

Founder, Believe And Achieve UK

Karen presented an incredible workshop and shared her story at our last event. It gave her the confidence to speak at more events and apply for her local TedX.

Karen Quinn

Modern-day Alchemist, Karen Quinn Fragrances

Magic happens when women get together.

No to networking

At The GW, we do things differently because the thing with networking is this….

The connections you make are forgotten after the first meeting.

You end up with a bunch of business cards and promises of following up for a coffee.

You meet some outstanding women at events but never see them again but you’d love to hangout with them over dinner and pick their brains on how they solved the exact problems you’re going through right now.

And that’s why we meet up every month for exactly that. To spend time deepening the connections we need as business women to succeed in business and life.

More of who YOU TRULY are.

Drop the perfectionism, please!

We’re all about becoming more of who we truly are. So we have our own social network where we can bring our best selves, leave our perfectionist tendencies at the door and be 100% you without judgement.

Let’s get real here…

Doing what you do is hard. Damn hard.

We can all pretend everything is hunky-dory on social media while secretly we spin our wheels and cry into our gin.

You’re ruining good gin there, Lady!

So let’s get off toxic social media and get real.

This is an opportunity for you to practice, test, ask, learn and be YOU in an environment with women who care so you can take that courage into the world AND OWN IT

PLUS, we have a dedicated space just for us where we hang out, collaborate and be 100% true to being you.

No wannabes, no distractions, no ads, no shiny objects and free downloads. This is our social network the way it’s meant to be. We’ve even got our own app so we’re with you wherever you go.

Real life events with real life women.



Did we mention we meet up at a Spa hotel in the middle of the countryside where we enjoy indulgent experiences such as private dining, afternoon tea and hot tub networking EVERY MONTH?

No sterile conference rooms in budget hotels off the M1 for us.

This is because the first rule of The GW is this…ME FIRST.

Everything is taken care of, you just have to turn up.

Hi, I’m Carolynne Alexander and for years, I’d been going it alone in entrepreneurship. My friends fell away, my family didn’t understand what I was doing and my business buddies where only focused on the money.

After I drove myself into the ground with working, I took a break to discover exactly what I wanted to do with my life.

After reading “Deals that made the World” by Jacques Peretti, and seeing that most of the deals that made the world were made by men, I wondered what the world would be like if we had more women in business, more women in leadership positions and more women making deals that lead to the world being a better place.

I joined the dots backwards and found that I’d always championed and cheerleaded women so it felt right to start something for female founders and leaders…. and The GW Club was born.

And how did we get our name?

Well, if men can have their secretive Gentleman’s Clubs, we can have one too.

I want you to join as a vote for women in business making money, leading and making decisions to create a better world.

We need you, more than ever, to become who you’re truly meant to be.

To play small is to submit to the status quo. As women in business, we have the means and the spirit to change the world for the better. This isn’t an airy fairy, manifesting unicorns group of women (we sometimes do that at weekends), we’re deadly serious about creating change in our chosen industries whether that’s the creative arts, tech, community, food, health or business.

We’re here for a reason and our calling is change.

We know that doing this together is powerful.

Our motto is simple:
We all go up together.

No-one stands alone

While we’re exclusive, we’re also inclusive because no-one gets left behind. We don’t focus on perfection, we focus on boldly moving forward then reaching back to those just one step behind us.

Let’s get real for a second. Business is difficult and going it alone isn’t gonna work. I’ve tried it, and it sucks. Women work better together. That’s a fact.

But we’re often an independent business with no-one on our level in our business to speak to when times get hard. There’s no shame in asking for help and asking the right person can be invaluable. Especially, if they’re one step head.

You may have come from a corporate background and would love to have a boss/mentor who you can speak with but you can’t afford to go all in and spend thousands a year on a coach.

With The GW, you get many coaches/mentors. Each with something valuable to being to your business and your life.

Would you like to join us?


What’s the investment?


The GW Club has been compared to the old school Gentleman’s Clubs in Mayfair and Soho who charge upwards of £10k per year for membership. (And all you get with membership to those clubs is access to a bar.)

With The GW Club, we’re different. We actively create and curate an experience where you’re connected with likeminded women from the first day you are member.

And unlike most member’s clubs, we’re not based in London. We’re based at a prestigious Spa Hotel in the Staffordshire countryside where we meet every month*.

There is no joining fee like traditional member’s clubs.

The investment is £399 per year for a Grande Dame Membership.

There is no monthly fee option. We want to ensure those joining us are in this for the long term investment and gain from this club all year.

However, if you wish to pay in four instalments then this option is available to you for £111 quarterly for 12-month’s membership.

*There is an individual charge for each meet up based on the experience we choose to create for each event.

Plus the opportunity to upgrade your experience for those bespoke indulgences and salon privé coaching sessions from one of our coaches.

Not sure if you’re ready to join us?…….. Then we offer a one time only experience of joining us for one of our sought-after monthly events.

The GW
VIP Membership

  • Full Access to all The GW Masterclasses and Courses delivered via our members only app so you can access anytime, anywhere, and get your ah ha moments faster.
  • Members pricing to The GW Secret Social Club.
  • Access to our private community app so we are always with you when you need us most.
  • Rewards via our Ambassador's Program to help us promote The GW to give something back to the community.
  • The opportunity to speak at our events.
  • The opportunity to take part in our Salon Privé Mastermind sessions.
  • And of course, your weekly Museletter filled with all the news from The GW and articles you need to read as a woman in leadership and the chance to be featured as woman of the week.

(less than dinner for two per month)

Ok, I’m wondering…

Honestly, I'm a little bit intimidated by this but I'm still curious and I think it's for me.

That’s a really honest look at how you’re feeling about joining. Many women feel that they may not fit into this crowd of women or they’re not on the same level as the women. It’s perfectly ok to feel like that but ask yourself this… what are you putting off until later? What’s the risk you take by remaining the same, in the same groove, with the same people in the same place? This could be a defining moment in the process of becoming who you truly are. Follow your intuition and know that this is home for you.

I don't have a business yet, can I still join?

Yes, we’d love you to join so we can help you get your business started.

I don't know anyone.

We ensure you’re introduced to people in the community before you arrive at The Gentlewomen’s Secret Social Club.

We ensure no one stands alone at our events. We introduce you to people we know will be great for you to talk to whether its a business or a personal connection. This is why we spend time getting to know you before you signup.

How much time does this take?

As much or as little as you wish. The community is here if and when you need it and you can add your voice at any time.

Some women join just for The GW Secret Social Club for a spa day where everything is taken care of. There’s no harm in doing that.

Plus, there’s no pressure to participate however, you are joining with the understanding that you may want to add your voice and your wisdom to the group. 

I'm too busy, will this still be useful for me?

Lady, if you’re too busy to focus on yourself and your development then you need this more than ever! Seriously! It’s why we have some of our events at a spa hotel so we can relax and recuperate. 

What's the investment?

£33.33 per month. You can cancel at any time and you’re always welcome back.

What's your refund policy?

We have a 7-day cooling off period where you can request for your membership fee to be returned (minus an admin fee of £10). We want you to be 100% committed and comfortable in the group and if you feel like it’s not a good fit, then we’d be more than happy to refund your membership. We just ask for you to give us some feedback on why so we can improve things and hopefully welcome you back in the future. No hard feelings.

We’re all going up together.


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